Togolese Cuisine Recipes!

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For all of you Western Africa food lovers, this post is a heads-up, announcing a whole new page dedicated to Togolese Cuisine Recipes.

Togolese Cuisine Recipes

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Here is just a bit of the content, on the background and development of one of the most unique West African foods groups:

Togolese cuisine recipes are characteristic of many other Western African cuisine, with the additional influences of German and French cuisines. This special and unique combination is what makes the foods in Togo among the very best ethnic foods of Africa.

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Staple foods found in the Republic of Togo include plantain, beans, yam, millet and rice. But maize (corn) is the most commonly used of all staples in Togolese cuisine. Fish and seafoods comprise a major source of protein. Additional sources of protein come from “bush meat” – small to medium-sized wild animals – amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles – which are hunted for consumption.

Togolese Cuisine Recipes

Yassa – chicken in spicy and tangy sauce dish

The people of Togo most often take their meals at home. However, there are plenty of restaurants in urban regions, which are tourist attractions. Most Togolese people, when out and about and hungry, will grab a quick meal at one of the many roadside “food stalls” in the marketplaces.

These roadside food stands will sell prepared favorite Togolese delicious dishes like: groundnut stew, omelets, grilled prawns, brochettes, and corn-on-the-cob.

Togolese cuisine recipes are rich with a variety of sauces and different pâtés. These are prepared from tomato, eggplant, spinach and fish. Combining these pâtés and sauces with an assortment of vegetables and meats are what makes the dishes they prepare so flavorful. And the use of hot chili peppers make many of the dishes very spicy.

For more background content, and a list of Togolese Cuisine Recipes, Click Here.

That’s it for this post, Chow, y’all, and happy chowing down on some wonderful dishes from Togo!

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  1. I’m dating a Togolese Gentleman and I could really use some yummy recipe’s please. Mostly tradition ones thank you..

  2. I’ll admit, I had to look up Togo on the map, lol. But this does sound like some good ethnic African foods, so thanks – I will try some!

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