Tanzanian Cuisine

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Tanzanian Cuisine is known for its simplicity. It’s not at all complex in its ingredients combinations and methods of preparing, compared to most ethnic food cultures. But Tanzanian cuisine is still very filling and tasty.

Located on the East Coast of Africa, Tanzanian culture has been heavily influenced by Middle Eastern, Indian, and of course the Native Tanzanians. And that combination is evident when it comes to favorite foods, ingredients, and cooking methods.

A typical breakfast is usually light, could just be some bread and a very sweet, milky tea, called Chai. Other breakfast options in Tanzanian cuisine include Uji, a millet porridge, and chapatis – a mildly sweetened and deep fried square of dough.

Tanzanian Cuisine

Ramadan Feast (Photo Attributed to Author: Fanny Schertzer)

Lunch is the biggest, heaviest meal of the day, and will consist of several entrees. There will be typically a rice pilau – rice cooked with a variety of spices, like cumin, cardamom pods, and coriander. There will also be a vegetable dish, and, if the budget allows for it, a meat dish. But always there will be ugali – a ball of thick, pasty, grain starch. Ugali is a staple of Tanzanian meals, and you will find the recipe here. If you are going to have a true, authentic and traditional ethnic experience of Tanzanian cuisine, you simply must serve some ugali with the meal.

Tanzanian snacks are few in number and variety, but what they do have are quite delicious. Samosas, Tanzania’s version of the meat pie (there are vegetarian samosas available, also) and grilled maize (corn) are two of the most popular.

So let’s get started, shall we? Below is a list of recipes, click on whichever one(s) strike your interest, and off you go, into the world of …

Tanzanian Cuisine!

Curried Fish Stew with Ugali

Pilau Rice with Beef Stew

Pilau ya Prawns (Spicy rice with shrimp)

Samosas (Tanzanian meat pies)


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