Angolan Cuisine

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Angolan cuisine is the foods coming from the south-central African nation of Angola. Angola was colonized by the Portuguese for several centuries, so the cuisine of Portugal has had a significant influence on Angolan cuisine. During the colonization, many of the foods the Portugese people enjoyed were imported to Angola. These foods, as well as quite a few cooking methods, became integral with what we know of as Angolan cuisine today.

Angolan Cuisine

(Photo Attributed to Author: Rui Gabriel Correia)

Angolan cuisine produces some of the tastiest dishes in the world. On this page you will get to learn how to prepare some of the finest classic and traditional Angolan cuisine recipes.

You can scroll down through this page and read them, the descriptions will give you some good information on what each recipe is well noted for and why it is an Angolan favorite.

Also, you can simply click on the recipe that grabs your attention in the following list and be taken to a page with just that recipe on it, in printable format, for your convenience.

So off you go now, into the delicious world of …

Angolan Cuisine!

Angolan Feijoada

Angolan Peanut Stew

Arroz de Coco e Papaia (Rice with Coconut and Papaya)

Baobab Ice Cream

Calalu de Pixe (Fish in Palm Oil)

Camaro Grelhado (Angolan Grilled Prawns)

Funje (Angolan Cassava Flour Porridge)

Muamba De Galinha


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