Smallest Countries Worldwide Cuisines

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In my never-ending mission to seek out unique and faraway-from-the-norm ethnic foods, I Googled, “10 Smallest Countries Worldwide Cuisines”. In the process, I discovered some amazing new (to me, anyway) cultures, complete with their own special brand of ethnic foods and recipes. So this page was started, to provide access to them for all our valued readers.

Smallest Countries Worldwide Cuisines

Malta (Photo Attributed to Author: Frank Vincentz)

This page will be continuously filled out (as are all cuisine pages on this site) with more and more recipes from the 10 Smallest Countries Worldwide. Links will take you to those countries’ pages, containing additional links to take you to the various recipes, each with its own, print-friendly page. There, you also find links to obtain ingredients that you may find hard to get locally. This is all designed for your ethnic food adventures explorations and enjoyment.

Below is the list, starting with the largest of the smallest countries …

Smallest Countries Worldwide Cuisines

Grenada (Photo Attributed to Author: dpursoo

… and ending with the very smallest country on the planet.

You may be surprised (as I was!) to discover which country that is the smallest sovereign nation in the world, and yet also holds claim to being the country with proportionally the greatest wealth!

Bon Voyage, and Bon Appetite!

Smallest Countries Worldwide Cuisines

10: Grenada – 133 square miles, population (est.) 110,000

9: Malta – 122 square miles, population (est.) 400,000

8: Maldive – 115 square miles, population (est.) 600,000 (and the fastest growing population of any country)

7: Saint Kitts and Nevis – 101 square miles, population (est.) less than 40, 000, and rapidly declining due to emigration.

6: Liechtenstein – 62 square miles, population (2014 est.) 35,000

5: San Marino – 24 square miles, population (est.) 32,000

4: Tuvalu – 10 square miles, population (rough est.) 10-12,000 and declining

3: Nauru – 8.1 square miles, population (est.) 9,400

2: Monaco – 0.8 square miles, population 36,400 (can you believe it?!)

1: The Vatican – 110 acres, population 842

Wait! There’s More!

Readers have commented, asking about some other very small countries, wanting to know if we could include their cuisines as well. So, the following are countries that, while not in the Top 10, are nevertheless extremely small nations which have some unique and marvelous foods to share with the world.

(Note: We are now working on publishing recipes from these additional small countries. If the name is hyperlinked, it is published. Come back soon and often, as more will be offered continuously.)




Saint Lucia


And again, keep coming back … more to come soon!

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