Spanish Cuisine

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On this page is where you will find and choose from among the most beloved and authentic Spanish cuisine recipes anywhere to be found. And we’re going to kick things off, on our Spanish ethnic food adventure, with several great offerings.

Spanish Cuisine

Tapas (Photo Attributed to Author: Elemaki)

Enjoy a Spanish lunch and/or snack, a real bevy of yummy morsels, which they call “Tapas”.

You also will see a truly traditional Spanish Paella recipe that will have you wanting to not brush your teeth for hours after eating it, reveling in the amazing bouquet of flavors that have just graced your




It is an entire meal unto itself, this one entree, a marvelous blend of chicken and seafood and spices over a tomato sauce infused bed of rice, and folks … it just doesn’t get any better than this.

There are three types of paella, all of them with the same bed of rice: paella valenciana, which features duck, rabbit, or chicken, with snails, seasonings, and vegetables; paella de marisco, which is a bevy of seasoned seafoods; and paella mixta, which is a mixture of ingredients featured in the other two types of paella.

Beyond tapas and paellas, here you will have many authentic, traditional, and superb dishes, representing …

Spanish Cuisine at its Finest!

Please note: For your convenience, you can click on the recipes listed below and be taken directly to a page with just that one recipe on it, in printer-friendly format.

Here is the list, in alphabetical order:

Alcachofas a la Parrilla (Char-Grilled Marinated Artichokes)

Chicken Marbella

Cóctel de Gambas y Aguacate (Avocado and Shrimp Cocktail)

Cordero en la Tagina (Lamb prepared in a Tagine)

Español Pollo y Arroz al Curry (Spanish Chicken with Curried Rice)

Espárragos con Salsa de Naranja y Limón (Asparagus with Orange and Lemon Sauce)

Ham and Cheese Tapas

Paella Mixta

Queso Relleno de Alcaparrones (Cheese Stuffed Caperberries)

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