Haitian Cuisine

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Haitian Cuisine Public Domain

Haitian Cuisine

Quite a few ethnic groups with their unique culinary styles have blended into what Haitian cuisine is today. The Taíno indigenous people, of course, but Haitian cuisine is also heavily influenced by ethnic cultures originating from the Middle East, Spain, Africa and France.

Often compared to criollo (Spanish for creole), as well as the cooking styles in the rest of the Latin Caribbean, Haitian cuisine does differ in quite a few ways from its counterparts within this region of the world. Bold, spicy flavors and hearty textures are presented in an elegantly simple and unassuming way – much like the aesthetic culinary practices found in Africa. And yet, despite this unassuming, straight-forward, and “down to earth” style, there is an exquisite characteristic to Haitian cuisine that is reminiscent of French cuisine.

(Photo Attributed to Author: Ahodges7)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Ahodges7)

Visitors to the island find the food remarkable and appealing. While similar to other cooking styles within the Caribbean, Haitian cuisine purveys a native originality, something completely unique. Haitians season their foods liberally. They use rice or corn meal extensively. Peppers, herbs, fruits, spices and vegetables, many of which are “exotic” to tourists, are prevalent. And Haitian cuisine also includes an array of various meats and seafoods – which are abundant along the coasts.

But enough with the background. I bet you can’t wait to dig into some delicious dishes from Haiti. For your convenience, the dishes listed below are linked to their own print-friendly page. There you will find recipes to delight you in your ethnic food adventure, off into the world of …

Haitian Cuisine!

Creole Red Snapper

Griot (Marinated, Roasted and Braised Pork)

Lambi a la Creole (Haitian Conch in Creole Sauce)

Pikliz (Haitian hot and spicy pickled vegetables)

Poulet Creole (Marinated and stewed spicy Chicken)

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