Papal Holy Water

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Papal Holy Water Public DomainFor centuries, heck – two millennia – Catholics have been doused with “Holy Water” to receive blessings and ward off evil spirits. And how Papal Holy Water is actually produced has, for the masses, who attend the weekly Sunday masses, remained a mystery.

The Pope’s Holy Water, right? What makes this special water so special? No one could know for sure, we’ve just had to accept its Holiness on faith …

Until now!

Finally, the secret is revealed about the Pope’s Holy Water. You can actually now, following these simple instructions, produce your own Papal Holy Water, right in the comfort of your own home!

Papal Holy Water Recipe-

  • water

You will need: a cooking pot, and a stove, or other suitable heat/fire source.

  1. Simply put a pot of water on the stove, and boil the hell out of it!
(Photo Attributed to Author: Angelsharum)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Angelsharum)

So there you have it, whip up some Papal Holy Water, and be blessed!

p.s. – obviously, this is a joke. Ethnic Foods R Us is in no way opposed to Catholicism, or its practitioners, or any other religions or the followers of such religions. Just passing on a funny, that’s all. Hope you had a chuckle, and will now explore all the many REAL recipes, from cultures all over the world, here on this site!

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