Authentic Puerto Rican Beans and Rice

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Puerto Rican Beans and Rice, the real authentic version, is a standout dish. Many countries have a beans and rice dish (or several) in their cuisines – Mexico especially comes to mind. The Southern Soul foods of America also have wonderful beans and rice dishes. However, properly prepared, with the traditional ingredients and methods, a good bowl of authentic Puerto Rican beans and rice just can’t be beat!

Puerto Rican Beans and Rice

(Photo Attributed to Author: Arnold Gatilao from Fremont, CA, USA)

Authentic Puerto Rican Beans and Rice Recipe-

  1. Put your rice on to cook while you prepare the beans. I prefer steamed rice, but you can boil it or even skillet cook it. The method of preparation is not of any traditional significance, so make your rice the way you like to.
  2. In a skillet or saucepan over medium flame, heat the oil, and then add in the dry cured pork jowl.
  3. When it starts to pop and sizzle, add and stir in the Adobo seasoning and the garlic powder.
  4. Next, add and stir in the Sazon con Azafran seasoning and the Sofrito.
  5. Drain off about half of the canning liquid from the red beans. You will need some liquid to bring the sauce together, but you will not need all the liquid from the can.
  6. Pour the beans and retained liquid into the skillet, stir everything together well, and cook long enough for the liquid to meld with the other ingredients and reduce to where you have a nice, thick sauce.
  7. To serve your Puerto Rican Beans and Rice, place a large mound of freshly cooked rice in each serving bowl. Then ladle a generous portion of the beans either directly on top of the rice, or to one side.
  8. This dish can be an entire meal unto itself. It is such a staple in Puerto Rico that it is more often than not on the table for dinner, if not as a main course, then as a beloved side dish.

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