20 Bizarre But Healthy Super Foods


Here at Ethnic Foods R Us, we like to share ethnic foods that are everyday fare for cultures around the world, but unusual and “ethnic” foods to people of other cultures. But we also promote healthy diets and eating habits.

So, in keeping with that secondary purpose, this post will provide you with a list of 20 bizarre but healthy super foods you should know about and have in your diet. Looks can be deceiving, but these foods are loaded with health benefits.

1. Millet

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Yep, good old bird feed, a staple in lots of the mixes you put out for our feathered friends. But you should be eating this yourself.

A gluten-free food, Millet is chocked full of phytic acid, fiber, magnesium, and Magnese, and not only safe for human consumption, very beneficial. Magnese promotes good development of connective tissues and bones, and get this – Millet is sexy too, it promotes the production of sex hormones in the body.

If you can’t find millet locally, you can purchase some if you go here, on our online foods store.

2. Chicken Liver

20 Bizarre But Healthy Super Foods

(Photo Attributed to Author: Poupou l’quourouce)

Lots of people are familiar with, and like, chicken liver pate, but with its ability to deliver to the body a lot of iron, Vitanims A and B12, it should be an inclusion in your diet as an ingredient in menu items as well. Or just sauté some up in butter and eat with a little salt and pepper – delicious.

Another health benefit is how it helps keep your thyroid healthy, because of the Folate it contains, which also promotes fertility.

3. Kohlrabi

(Photo Attributed to Author: Anita Martinz from Klagenfurt, Austria)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Anita Martinz from Klagenfurt, Austria)

This weird looking vegetable is actually a cousin to broccoli and cabbage, but looks more like a turnip with a bunch of spires sprouting out of it. Usually purple or sometimes a light green color, kohlrabi contains a large level of potassium and Vitamin C, as well as many cancer-fighting phytochemicals.

It makes a great addition to salads, and can be added as a tasty and healthy addition to your stir-fry dishes.

4. Amaranth

(Photo Attributed to Author: Dwight Sipler from Stow, MA, USA)

This attractive plant produces a grain that excels over wheat with its extremely high fiber content. Loaded with Vitamins A and C, and potassium, Amaranth is a very good food anytime, but especially good for people recovering from injury or illness, because it is very gentle on the digestive system.

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5. Blood Pudding/Sausage

blood pudding

(Photo Attributed to Author: Rainer Zenz at German Wikipedia)

I know, I know, most people are like, “Seriously? Pudding made from blood?”

But yes, this food, quite popular in England, is made from the dried blood of cows or pigs. It tastes like sausage, is often sold in sausage form, and contains “heam,” which is a type of iron.

Heam happens to be the form of iron most readily absorbed by the human body, hence, it is valuable in aiding in the defense against anemia.

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Spinach the Superfood

Spinach the Superfood


Even before the term “Superfood” became vogue, centuries ago, many people knew of spinach’s health and wellness benefits and, if there had been such a term back then, certainly “Spinach the Superfood” would have been three words put together in sentences a great deal.

Moms in the USA during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, used to have a hard time getting their kids to eat spinach; I know I was one of those kids, because it was usually canned spinach, not fresh, and if not seasoned well or mixed into a tasty dish as one ingredient, well … it just didn’t taste good.

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Smoked Rattlesnake Stew Public Domain

Superb Smoked Rattlesnake Stew


Superb Smoked Rattlesnake? Made into a stew … and a superb stew at that?

I know, I know, to the uninitiated, it sounds a bit far fetched. However, rattlesnake is good food, a very lean and healthy meat. Even so, unless you know how to prepare it, the meat can be rather tough, and might bring to mind a lithe, half-starved tilapia. This Smoked Rattlesnake Stew recipe is my favorite way to prepare rattlesnake. The meat will be tender and juicy.

Superb Smoked Rattlesnake Stew Public Domain

And because the recipe calls for already smoked, boned, and canned rattlesnake meat, it saves you the other major headache of preparing rattlesnake: getting the edible meat off of the bones. It is no easy task, trust one who has tried it!

Smoked Rattlesnake Stew

(Photo Attributed to Author: Joe Loong)

This Superb Smoked Rattlesnake Stew recipe will feed two very hungry people as a meal main entree. If it is being served as a side dish, you can divide it into 4 to 6 servings.

Superb Smoked Rattlesnake Stew Recipe-

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