Malian Cuisine

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The land previously known (when colonized by France) as Sudan, now called Mali, has an amazingly complex and splendid array of foods that comprise Malian Cuisine as we know it today.

Malian Cuisine

Malian Jollof Rice with Vegetable (Photo Attributed to Author: Segun Famisa)

Malian cuisine will vary in its variety and ingredients depending on the region. But dishes that are popular throughout all Malian cuisine include jollof rice, fufu, and maafe – all of which you will find recipes for on the pages parented by this one. Many of the best recipes of Mali include “groundnuts” (peanuts) in their sauces and stews, and you will find those here, too.

Mainstay staples, such as millet, rice, and cereal grains, comprise a large percentage of Malian cuisine. More often than not, the grains are cooked with tomato and/or peanut sauces, the preparation of which includes edible leaves available, like spinach and the incredibly nutritious superfruit baobab. Meats are often grilled, to go with the saucy grain dishes. Typical meats are goat, beef, chicken, and mutton.

Malians take their food very seriously. In fact, a typical Malian household will spend more than half of their annual income on food!

Needless to say, with such an emphasis on good eats, Malian cuisine is a wonderful experience for any of us ethnic food adventurers.

So we invite you now, to take the trip into Mali and taste the wonders they create for meals. Click on any of the entrees listed below, and you will be taken to a printable recipe page, for a taste of traditional, authentic …

Malian Cuisine!

Gâteau de Semoule aux Agrumes (Semolina and Citrus Cake)

Malian Jollof Rice with Lamb

Poulet Yassa (Marinated, lemony, spicy chicken with caramelized onions dish)

Ragout de Capitaine à l’Arachide et aux Épinards (Catfish Stew with Peanuts and Spinach)

Sauce épinard aux côtes de porc et à l’huile rouge (Spinach Sauce with Red Palm Oil for Pork Chops)

Tiga Dégué au Poisson Fumé (Smoked fish in peanut sauce)

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