Ham and Cheese Tapas

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One of the favorite Spanish lunch or snack meals is taking ham and cheese together. Ham and Cheese Tapas is a beloved Spanish treat. But it is not the same ham or cheese that you will be likely to find at your local grocery store, if you live outside of Europe.

The hams of choice for Spaniards are Jamón Serrano and/or Jamón Iberico. Both are special, dry-cured, Spanish hams, which are typically served in very thin slices. And then to go along with their uniquely Spanish hams,  of choice, they like to indulge in a sheep’s cheese that is also unique to Spain and absolutely marvelous, which they call Queso Manchego.

So this “recipe” is rather simple. Simply purchase some Jamón Serrano and/or Jamón Iberico, and a block of Queso Manchego cheese, slice everything up, and enjoy your Spanish Ham and Cheese Tapas!