Surinamese Cuisine

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Surinamese cuisine is widely varied and a blend of many different countries. Surinamese cuisine includes the influence of: African, Javanese, Dutch, Jewish, Chinese, Portuguese, and South Amerindian cultures.

Hence, authentic Surinamese cuisine recipes include scores of unique and original dishes. The amalgamation of all these peoples from such vastly different cultures, living and cooking together created a proliferation of new dishes.

Surinamese cuisine

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Meals like roti, bakme, nasi goreng, pom, losi foroe, moksi meti, and snesi foroe certainly set Surinamese cuisine apart as a one-of-a-kind creation. Staples of Surinamese cuisine are rice, plants like cassava, roti, and tayer. The Chinese influenced dish, snesi foroe, will typically include chicken, although there are many variations on the dish.

Chicken masala, a dish of Creole origin, adopted and adapted by the Indians, as well as Pom, are immensely popular for parties and special occasions. You will find the Surinamese are especially fond of salted meat and stockfish (bakkeljauw), being on the ocean, seafood is hugely popular and shows up in many dishes also.

Typical vegetables are eggplant, yardlong beans, and okra, and they like, for the spicier dishes, the uniquely flavored and very hot Madame Jeanette peppers, which have habanero-like hotness, but with hints of fruit: mango and pineapple.

So here are some truly authentic Surinamese recipes, with easy, step-by-step instructions, as well as resources needed to obtain ingredients you might find hard to get. Enjoy your ethnic food adventure into the world of-

Surinamese Cuisine!

Cassava Soup

Coconut Chicken Curry with Yogurt

Chicken Masala (Murgi Talkari)

Curried Chicken Suriname Style

Fish Masala

Mixed Rice with Codfish

Nasi Goreng (Surinamese cuisine style spicy seasoned rice)