Liechtensteiner Cuisine

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Prepared meals of Liechtenstein are referred to as Liechtensteiner cuisine. Liechtensteiner cuisine is very diverse, having been strongly influenced by nearby countries, especially Austria and Switzerland.

Liechtensteiner Cuisine

Käsknöpfle (Photo Attributed to Author: Wiki der Wikinger at German Wikipedia)

Liechtensteiner cuisine also reveals Central European cuisine influences, with lots of milk and dairy products, cheeses and soups being integral components of Liechtensteiner cuisine.  Fruits with cereal and milk are enj

Pepper Venison Steak (Photo Attributed to Author: Murcotipton)

Pepper Venison Steak (Photo Attributed to Author: Murcotipton)

oyed often, as well.

The people of Liechtenstein eat well, typically three times a day, and are known to usually serve their meals in a formal manner.

Commonplace recipe ingredients include beef, pork and chicken meats, also some wild game – especially venison. And you will often see vegetables like cabbage, greens, and potatoes on the dinner tables.

And now, enjoy your ethnic adventure into the little country known as Liechtenstein, and enjoy some traditional and authentic …

Liechtensteiner Cuisine!

Click on the dish names below, and you will go to a print-friendly page with that recipe on it:

Fischkloesschen zur Fischsuppe (Fish Dumplings Soup)

Leber Knödelsuppe (Liver Dumpling Soup)

Liechtensteiner Fish Stew

Pepper Venison Steak with Käsknöpfle

Three Cheese Pasta with Sweet Onion Käsknöpfle

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