Argentinian Cuisine

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A blending of Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish, and Indigenous peoples are what has comprised what we know of today as Argentinian Cuisine.

Argentinian Cuisine

(Photo Attributed to Author: Gildemax)

Known for their love of eating, the people of Argentina are famous for having large social gatherings and events that are primarily centered around the sharing of a wonderful meal. If an Argentinian family invites you into their home for a meal, it is an indication of their extending warmth to you, a desire to nurture friendship with you.

Here on this page you will find recipes with easy, step-by-step instructions. Also provided are resources to obtain some of the unique and often hard to get ingredients and implements necessary to prepare the dishes.

Click on the recipe names to be taken to the authentic recipes of your choice, and enjoy a taste of …

Argentinian Cuisine!

Choripan con Chimichurri (Grilled Sausage Rolls with Spicy Garlic Parsley Sauce)

Empanadas de Carne de Res (Argentinian Beef Turnovers)

Grilled Gaucho Steak with Chimichurri

Milanesa a la Napolitana (Breaded Veal Cutlets with Cheese)

Provoleta (Grilled Provolone)

Red Chimichurri Sauce