African with Baobab fruits public domain

Best Ever Superfruit – Baobab!


I am in a never ending search for unique, exotic, and little known foods from ethnic cultures around the world. This search includes finding the best ever superfruit. In doing so, I stumbled onto this amazing fruit that grows on the majestic, indigenous to North Africa, Baobab Tree.

best ever superfruit

(Photo Attributed to Author: Bernard Gagnon)

The Baobab tree (common name for the 9 species of trees in the genus Adansonia) looks like a giant, standing alone, high above the shrubbery in vast plains. And they are, indeed, very large trees. Adansonias often attain heights of nearly 100 feet and the diameters of their monolithic trunks will grow as large as 36 feet.

Immensely popular in Africa, particularly in the northern regions, Baobab fruit has been the planet’s “best kept secret”, when it comes to healthy foods, for centuries. I did some Google searches for keywords such as:

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