Asian Cookware

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Asian Cookware and Other Useful Culinary Items, are what you will find here on this page, along with information, specifications, and resources to obtain them.

Below are several items that are specific to the preparation needs of Asian foods recipes on this site. However, if you would like to peruse a wider, full selection of Asian cookwares, Click Here.



Bamboo Sushi Mat Kit

bamboo sushi mat

BambooMN Brand – Sushi Rolling Kit – 2x rolling mats, 1x rice paddle, 1x spreader – combo

Price: $7.48, with FREE shipping


  • BambooMN branded products are sourced from Certified Factories that provides a fair and good working conditions for the workers. BambooMN supports Oxfam and Second Harvest Heartland. Please make sure that you report violations if you are not getting BambooMN products from this listing.
  • 4 piece sushi rolling kit – 2x rolling mats, 1x rice paddle, 1x spreader ($2 value)
  • Each mat made from matchstick rods of bamboo woven with cotton sting and measures approx 9.5″ X 9.5″
  • 8″ Bamboo paddle is perfect for mixing rice vinegar seasoning mixture into the sushi rice , 7.5″ Bamboo spreader valued at $2
  • For best results periodically rub paddles with a protective food safe oil. (often sold as cutting board oil)

The Bento Box

The word obentō (lunch) was derived from the kanji tōza, which means “for the time being”, and benzuru, which means “to make do”. 

The idea of this kind of light, mid-day meal dates back originally to the 12th century, but it wasn’t really popularized nationally until 1885. That’s when Saitō Kahei began making and selling ekibentō  (“train station boxed meals”) at the Utsunomiya station.  He sold omusubi (pressed rice cakes) stuffed with umeboshi (a pickle of ume fruits. Red and very salty and tastes extremely sour) and takuan (a popular and traditional pickle in Japan, made from daikon radishes).

A bentō box today is typically filled with locally available foods, arranged in a specialized manner, known as meisan or as meibutsu, the local regional theme dictating in which particular commemorative way the box is filled.

Traditional Wooden Bento Box

box 2

Made with Japanese Hemlock Spruce wood, this is a finely crafted, ideal box to fit your obentō (Lunch) meal. Take it with you to school or work or wherever you need to have a quick mid-day meal without having to cook or buy food at a restaurant. A great price, at just $14.00.

  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Perfectly sized for bringing lunch to school or to the office
  • Made of food-safe Wood
  • Not for microwave oven
  • Wood products need your tending.


Lacquered Bento Box with Cover

box 3

Another more traditional Bento box, very appealing layout, and very affordable at just $21.31.

  • 9 1/2 inches square and about 2 1/2 inches tall
  • Includes a tray, outer tray box and matching cover
  • Japanese style for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Cover keeps your meal warm
  • Nice presentation!


Japanese Traditional Rabbit Moon Bento Box Set – Square 2 Tier Bento Box, Chopsticks, Bento Bag (Red)

bento box

This Bento Box also comes with a matching bag, a very nice set that would hold enough food for an obentō for two. And again, a great deal for the price of only $26.40.

  • no microwave, no dishwasher
  • made with food safe plastic
  • Bento Box and chopsticks MADE IN JAPAN
  • Inner lid – no microwave / no dishwasher
  • Top=320ml and Bottom=400ml. Total 720ml Bento Box. Dims (cm) 17L x 8W x 8.5H

Cookwares and Serving Implements

Chinese Steamer

chinese steamer

Price: $36.74, with FREE shipping

  • Stainless Steel mirror polished exterior and Interior
  • Encapsulate bottom provide a even heat distribution
  • Riveted handle is strong and durable
  • 3 step 16/18/20cm insert fit different size pan range from 1 Quart to 4 Quart
  • Set include 4-Qt soup pot Glass lid, steamer insert and Double boiler insert, all pieces are dishwasher safe


Thai Tom Yum Soup Heated Serving Pot

Asian Cookware: Tom Yum Hot Pot bowl with lid.

 Price: $29.00, with FREE shipping

  • Diameter 9″ x Height 7.5″
  • Detachable Lid & Insulated handles on mane body and Lid
  • Chamber for Tea light to keep Soup Hot & Center Chimney
  • Polished Aluminum
  • Product of Thailand

Sake Sets

Sake, a Japanese strong wine made from rice, is traditionally served in a ritualistic fashion. And the presentation is made all the more fine by the quality of the sake set used.

The sake is heated to near (but not quite) boiling, then poured into the large carafe, and then the host pours cup-fulls of the aromatic, pungent, yet slightly sweet tasting elixir for each of the guests.

Grey Blue sake set – ceramic – 5 piece set

This set is beautiful ceramic, rustic yet elegant, and is modestly priced for the value at $29.95.

sake 1

  • Set includes sake server and 4 cups
  • Size: sake bottle 6.5″H, cups 2″H
  • The sake set comes in a Gift Box
  • The sake set is microwave and dishwasher safe.


Serving Bowls, Dishes, and Eating Utensils

Stone Bi Bim Bap Bowls


Price (set of 2): $44.95



  • Set of Two Bowls – Large Individual Serving Size
  • Heat up before adding rice to create a delicious crunchy crust
  • Solid Granite – Rustic Wood Bases Included
  • Also Ideal for personal casseroles – Use your imagination
  • Bowls may vary from the picture since these are made of natural stone


Toban Heating and Serving Dish, Japanese

Toban dish


Price: $43.78, with FREE shipping

Product Information-
Mishima 7 1/4″ ceramic toban serving dish with lid made in Japan. It is grey with a pattern of white raised flowers. You can use this to serve fish, vegetables and stews. Each person can receive their own steaming dish. Comes boxed.