Homemade Pemmican Survivalist Super Food


How to make Pemmican is a skill you would definitely want to have if you’re planning a long excursion into the wilderness. Even for long, extended hikes, where you will need some kind of sustenance during the arduous trek, it is great to have with you.

Pemmican is a Native American Indian survival food that has a very long shelf life. It is 100% natural, and it requires no refrigeration to store.

How to Make Pemmican

(Photo Attributed to Author: Jen Arrr)

Pemmican is a protein-packed, compact energy source. It contains fat, carbohydrates, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and natural fruit sugars. It can be kind of bland, if you just stick to the basic, required ingredients. However, this recipe on how to make pemmican will spice it up enough so that you will not only get the energy boost you need – it will also taste good. Pemmican can be made with “normal” meat, like beef you would find easily at any grocery store. We suggest, though, that you use wild game meat. It is much leaner, and more in accord with the original ethnic food created and consumed by Native North Americans for millennia.

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