German Garlic Bread

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German Garlic Bread is not only super tasty and filling, it is one of the most easy German cuisine recipes you will ever come across. The culinary payback is far greater than the effort expended, trust me!

German Garlic Bread

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German Garlic Bread Recipe-

  • Slices of thick, German style bread (rye-wheat is my favorite, but sourdough is also very good)
  • peeled large cloves of fresh garlic
  • any fresh herbs of your choice – I like thyme, oregano, crushed sage, coriander – totally up to you, and optional
  • room temperature butter
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Preheat your oven to highest (broil) temperature.
  2. If your bread comes in a solid loaf, slice it in half lengthwise, then crosscut both halves into large pieces.
  3. Broil the slices, cut side up, until golden brown, nearly burnt and crispy.
  4. Slather butter onto all the slices of bread while still hot.
  5. Now grate fresh garlic onto each slice, then sprinkle on salt and pepper to taste, and (optional) herbs of your choice.

That’s it – you are done! Serve your German Garlic Bread all by itself, as a snack or an appetizer, or serve it as an accompaniment to a full German cuisine meal.

Either way, I’m betting once you try German garlic bread you will never go back to plain old “regular” garlic bread!

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