Unique, Specialty, and Ethnic Implements

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On the pages parented by this one, categorized by world regions, you will find many culturally unique items and implements to further enhance your ethnic food adventures.

Items like this one …

Mortar and Pestle (granite)

mortar and pestle

Used in many developing countries to mash and blend spices, herbs, peppers, etc. Still used in developed countries by people who enjoy preparing “authentic” ethnic dishes the age-old tried and true way.

Items like this one …

Stone Wave


  • Now You Can Make Delicious Gourmet Food in Your Microwave.
  • Microwave Safe Ceramic Cookware with a Comfort Touch Handle
  • You Can Fit Multiple Stone Waves in the Microwave to Feed Your Whole Family!
  • Ceramic Surface is Non-Stick, so You Can Cook Healthier

… and many more. You can search through the following sub-pages:

African Cookware

Asian Cookware

European Cookware

Mexican Cookware

And for even more odd, unique and specialty implements, not categorized by world region, go to …

Specialty Items

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