Kenyan Cuisine

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Kenyan cuisine would best be described as wholesome and simple. At least for the most part, which would include the majority of the more traditional dishes of the country. Local ingredients in rural areas are well utilized in creative ways, to come up with filling and nutritious meals that are just good, honest, and hearty fare.

Kenyan Cuisine

Ugali and Sukuma Wiki (Photo Attributed to Author: Paresh Jai from Nairobi, Kenya)

As you move away from the inland and approach closer to the coastal region, Kenyan cuisine becomes more exotic. This is the result of centuries of colonization, as well as the lucrative and busy international trades that still go on today. A walk through the streets of the coastal cities, passing by open air food markets and street vendors will titillate your nose with the aroma of exotic spices from the East. Cloves and cinnamon made their way into the hearts of Swahili cooks, as well as other food such as cassava, pumpkin, cocoyam, corn, pineapples, bananas and tomatoes.

Yet another influence – and a strong one – on Kenyan cuisine comes from India. The samosas and chapattis, and the wonderful chai tea came from workers and traders on the East Coast who had sailed (and still do) over from India. Over the centuries many Indian workers liked Kenya so much they settled there, and have mingled in with the natives and mixed their culinary style with the Kenyan style of cooking.

But let’s get into what you mostly came here for. The foods and recipes of Kenyan cuisine. For your convenience, the dishes listed below are hyperlinked to print-friendly pages with that particular recipe on it. So go ahead now, and start enjoying your ethnic food adventure into the wholesome, down-to-earth, quite simple and yet elegant world of …

Kenyan Cuisine!

Chapatis (Kenyan flatbread)

Chicken Tikka Masala

Homemade Masala Sauce

Kachumbari Salad

Kenyan Chicken Curry

Kenyan Roast Leg of Lamb

Mchuzi Wa Samaki (Swahili style curried fish)

Nyama Choma (Curried spicy marinated and roasted meat)

Sukuma Wiki (Spicy braised greens and tomatoes)

Ugali (Kenyan Staple)

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