Cherimoya Alegre

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All you need to make this refreshing treat is two fruits:

The Cherimoya-Cherimoya Alegre public domain

and the orange-oranges public domain

Cherimoya Alegre Recipe-


(serves 4)

  1. Chop the cherimoya into quarters.
  2. Peel each quarter with a paring knife, removing not just the skin, but about 1/16” of the outer flesh.
  3. Now divide the peeled quarters into smaller, bite-sized chunks, removing most of the visible seeds and being gentle so as to no mash the fruit.
  4. Place the chunks of cherimoya fruit into four dessert bowls, pour ½ cup of fresh squeezed orange juice over each portion of cherimoya, and then let the desserts set up for about 20 minutes. This can be done in the refrigerator if you like your Cherimoya Alegre served chilled.