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Red Wines

Bordeaux, from France Bordeaux Regionvineyard

2010 Chateau de Parenchere Bordeaux Superieur 

wine 1  

A well structured Bordeaux, with good tannins and dry at its core, with a delightful softness and a prominence of lots of fruits. This wine is full, hearty flavored, yet cushioned to the palate, with a bouquet of ample spices and chocolate to compliment the rich fruits.

Price: $16

2011 Chateau Teyssier St. Emilion Grand Cru


A medium bodied, soft textured wine, with a bouquet of coffee, boysenberry, stone, and smoke, and a delightful lingering bright aftertaste of cherry.

Price: $27

2012 Chateau Tire Pe DieM Bordeaux Controlee

Fruity, gentle, and subtle on the nose, the first taste is sweet with currants and grapes. Swish it around in the mouth and a marvelous bouquet unfolds, of strong oak and nuts, under-shadowed by hints of sun-dried tomatoes, sassafras and black olives. Its youth has it still a bit “grapy” but you can taste hints of cherry and strawberry developing nicely. An elegantly pure and fresh tasting wine that finishes short with small tannins and a slight earthy aftertaste, this Bordeaux will only get better with age for the next ten years or so. Buy several, have one now, and compare again a year or two later.

And at the price of just $12, this wine is very good deal now, and purchasing a quantity is an excellent investment.

Chianti, from Italy

2011 Torrebruna Chianti Red Blend Tuscany 750 mL

chianti 2

Chianti Classico, Riserva

chianti 2

White Wines

Frontenac Point Finger Lakes Chardonnay Vintage Vertical (2007, 2008, 2009) Mixed Pack, 3 x 750 mL


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