Dominican Republic Cuisine

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Dominican Republic cuisine reflects strong influences from the cuisines of Africa, Spain, and the indigenous Taino people. Also contributing to what is today Dominican Republic cuisine are quite a few dishes from the Middle East. Recipes like Quipe, which is an adapted version of the Lebanese Kibbeh comes to mind.

A typical, traditional Dominican Republic breakfast will often consist of several fried entrees, a meal they call “The

(Photo Attributed to Author: Yodanyrd)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Yodanyrd)

Three Hits” (Los Tres Golnes). Fried eggs (Mangú), fried cheese and fried salami are the three “hits” and will usually be accompanied by some fresh avocado.

Quite similar to other Latin American countries, the foods of the Dominican Republic also show similarities to Cuban and Puerto Rican cuisines, although the very same dishes might be named differently. Just as in Spain, one of the stronger influential countries in Dominican Republic cuisine, the main meal of the day is mid-day lunch.

Dominican Republic Cuisine

Beef Tripe Soup (Photo Attributed to Author: Jason Lam)

Lunch is called “The Flag” (La Bandera), and will usually be a three or even four course meal of red beans, rice, and some meat. Fish, chicken, pork and beef are common meats taken during the main meal. Oftentimes a salad will also be served, and soups and stews are also popular for a hearty La Bandera meal.

So let’s get started, shall we? Click on the recipe in the list below. You will be taken to a print-friendly page and you will be in for a taste of delicious, authentic and traditional …

Dominican Republic Cuisine!

Bejenjenas Guisadas con Cerdo (Braised Pork and Eggplants)

Dominican Sancocho

Dominican Sancocho Supreme

Empanaditas de Catibias (Cassava Root Pasties)

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