New! Vegetarian and Vegan Foods!


There is a large segment of North Americans who prefer a meatless diet, and the number of people who prefer vegetarian and vegan foods continues to grow steadily. So with respect to those people, we here at Ethnic Foods R Us have started a new page.veggies

Vegetarian meals can be every bit as tasty and satisfying as meat dishes, and the kinds of dishes that prove that are what you will find there, selected from among the best American vegetarian recipes.

That’s it for this short announcement post. If you are vegetarian, or vegan, or just someone who appreciates and likes veggie dishes, hop on over now to Ethnic Foods R Us/All American/Vegetarian and Vegan!


Spanish Cuisine – Announcing a new Page!


Do you like Spanish Cuisine, or have you thought about trying some? Well now it is here, on Ethnic Foods R Us, because we have just launched a new page devoted exclusively to providing you, our esteemed readers, with a large selection of the best traditional and authentic Spanish food recipes.

spanish food

This new page will be getting built out regularly, but starting right now there is a full day’s menu and then some, of the most popular dishes, including a traditional Spanish Paella food recipe, that will knock the socks off your tastebuds.

So hesitate not, hop on over now, to Spanish Cuisine, check out our first offerings, and stop back again and soon for much more!


New Features for Ethnic Foods R Us


Hello, and thanks for stopping in. This is just a short post, an announcement, really.

For some time we’ve had social media buttons on this site so people can share what they like here on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, but now we have added a cool new “sharing” button that gives you a whole host of places, including email, where you can send your favorite recipes, posts, articles, etc., that you find here.

At the top and bottom of every post, page, or article, you will now see this blue PLUS button:


Click on that, and a popup menu of a dozen more options will appear, as well as a “more” options button, for many more choices.

And that’s not all. We are also pleased to announce that, in response to a few comments/suggestions we’ve had, a new “Print This” – PDF friendly button has been added. So now, if you see a recipe you’d like to have in hard copy, just highlight it, click on the button, and whisk the recipe off to your printer.

That cute little icon looks like this: pf-button and is now activated for your convenience.

That’s it for now, but please do have a good look around while you’re here. There are daily additions of recipes, resources, product reviews and offerings, new posts and articles, so enjoy your visit, and also please do leave a comment – make a suggestion, ask for a particular culture you’re not seeing here yet to be included, whatever … you will get a response and be much appreciated.

If the comments box is not showing, just click on this post’s title, or you can also CLICK HERE.

Chow, y’all-

My Best Always, Your Friend,

Marvin D Wilson (aka The Old Silly)