Andorran Cuisine

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Due to a terrain in which virtually nothing edible grows – the country is viciously inhospitable in that regard – Andorran Cuisine is dependent upon all of its foodstuffs being imported.

Andorran Cuisine Public Domain

Andorran food is generally the same as Catalan, with strong French and Italian influences.

Potatoes and some vegetables, pastas and sauces, are typically served at meals.

Meats are also an important part of Andorran Cuisine, and includes wild game, fish, pork, poultry, and lamb.

Specialty Andorran cuisine dishes include such delightful dishes as bacon cooked with potatoes and cabbage (called “Trinxat“), tender and delicious Dandelion Salads, and “Formatge de Tupi” – a cheese, fermented with brandy and garlic, and rabbit cooked in tomato sauce, a delightful entree called “Cunillo“.

We will be publishing all of those wonderful recipes on pages parented by this page, so come back soon and often.


For more Andorran cuisine, click on the dishes of your choosing in the list below. You will be taken to a print-friendly page with just that recipe on it.

Enjoy your ethnic food adventure, into the small country with BIG-TIME good eats, the wonderful world of …

Andorran Cuisine!

Bacalao Escaixada (Salted Cod Fish, seasoned and spicy)

Cunillo (rabbit cooked in tomato sauce)

Escudella (National Dish, a rich and fatty stew with several different meats, animal parts, rice, pasta and veggies)

Trinxat (potatoes and cabbage cooked with pork fat into a mash, served with salt pork or bacon)

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