Maldivian Cuisine

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Maldivian Cuisine, the foods of the tiny country of Maldive, are substantially created from three primary food items and their derivatives: coconut, fish, and starches.

Maldivian Cuisine Public Domain

Located southeast of India, in the crystal clear and blue waters of the Indian Ocean, is where you will find the Republic of Maldive. Maldivian dishes make use of capsicum, chili, curry leaves, lemon juice and onion in many dish preparations. Quite a few Maldivian cuisine recipes are strongly influenced by Sri Lankian and Keralian cultures, so they are often very hot and spicy.

Now let’s get started with the recipes of authentic and traditional …

Maldivian Cuisine!

Click on the dishes listed below, and you will go to a print-friendly page with the recipe on it:

Bashi Hiki Riha (Maldivian Curried Aubergines/Eggplants)

Fuhjehi Kavaabu (Battered and Deep Fried Tuna Balls)

Kukulhu Riha (Coconut Curried Chicken)

Maldivian Beef Curry

Maldivian Mince Wraps

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