New Orleans Cuisine

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New Orleans cuisine is what happens when West European, African, Caribbean and Native American-Indian influences come together in the kitchen. There is no food like it anywhere else on the planet, and believe you me, it is an outstanding culinary experience.

New Orleans Cuisine

Note: If any of these ingredients are not available locally where you live, and if they are in bold and linked, you can purchase them in our online ethnic foods grocery store by simply clicking on them. You will be taken to a page here at Ethnic Foods R Us where you can locate the ingredient(s) you need in order to prepare the recipe in true, authentic and traditional fashion.

Ready to try some? Good. Here we go, with a fine selection of recipes that are representative of true …

New Orleans Cuisine!

Please note: For your convenience, you can click on the recipes listed below and be taken directly to a page with just that one recipe on it, in printer-friendly format.

Here is the list, in alphabetical order:

Cajun Jambalaya

Crawfish Etouffee

Louisiana Crawfish Boil

New Orleans Gumbo

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

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