American Desserts

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When it comes to American Desserts, well …

… being the melting pot of all cultures that North America is, a great deal of our sweet-tooth satisfying recipes have

American Desserts

(Photo Attributed to Author: Ralph Daily)

come from other countries. But over time, they usually take on a uniquely American twist, and, of course, there are plenty of  American desserts that were first dreamed up in this country. Have fun navigating the sub-pages to this one, the American Desserts recipes are categorized on separate pages, as follows:

Cakes & Cupcakes


Cookies, Tarts & Brownies

Pies, Shortcakes & Cobblers

Sweet Breads, Muffins & Loaves

And, as usual, we have put links on certain ingredients’ and implements’ names. If you are not living here and find something hard to get where you live and wish to purchase those items for the true ethnic taste and experience, a purchase page is just a click away.

Have fun and adventure with some authentic American Desserts!

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