Belizean Cuisine

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Belizean cuisine is really an eclectic synthesis of all the ethnic groups who have come together over the centuries in Belize. That being the case Belizean cuisine include a very wide variety of foods. A typical breakfast is likely to be homemade fry jacks, or maybe just bread or tortillas. Fry jacks are immensely popular and are taken with refried beans, various cheeses, eggs prepared in different styles, or perhaps cereal, along with tea, coffee, or milk.

Belizean Cuisine

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Lunchtime meals can be large, dinner sized fare, including some type of rice and beans, a red meat entree, or maybe some stewed chicken, and coleslaw or salad. Or in can be a much lighter meal, consisting of simply some rice and beans, or tamales, escabeche (onion soup), chirmole (soup), panades (fried meat pies), or garnaches, which are fried tortillas with beans, cheese, and sauce.

Belizean cuisine tends to be simpler in rural regions than in the more cosmopolitan areas. The Maya people make use recado, corn or maize for most of their meals, whereas the Garifuna people tend to favor more seafood, and the really enjoy cassava bread and vegetables.

If you are a tourist in Belize, you will be pleased to fine all kinds of great restaurants – both fancy, sit-down full course meal establishments and fast food eateries. You will also appreciate the prices – which are, by Western standards, very cheap.

The mid-day meal is the most important meal of the day in Belize, and is considered at time for family communion. So much so, that schools and some businesses will close at noon for lunch, and reopen several hours later in the afternoon.

For your convenience, the recipes are listed below, hyperlinked to a print-friendly page with just that dish on it. So off you go now, into the tasty realm of …

Belizean Cuisine!

Belizean Corned Beef Hash Browns

Chicken Coconut Curry

Conch Fritters

Fish Panades

Roasted Pork Tenderloin Meal (3 recipes in one: roasted pork tenderloin, Mediterranean potatoes and vegetables, and Belizean stewed tomatoes – a real, traditional Belizean special and filling meal!)

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