Botswana Marinated Beefsteak

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I’ll bet you’ve never had a grilled steak quite like this Botswana Marinated Beefsteak. The marinade is a special blend of African spices and beer. And if you want the real, authentic Botswana Marinated Beefsteak experience, wrap each steak as it comes off the grille in a banana leaf. Let the banana leaf leave its hint of flavor on the meat for a few minutes before you serve and unwrap the steak.

Botswana Marinated Beefsteak

(Photo Attributed to Author: Murcotipton)

Botswana Marinated Beefsteak Recipe-


(Serves 4)

  1. In a large, ceramic mixing bowl, combine the beer, olive oil, Maggi cubes, soy sauce, crushed garlic, ginger, Thai chilis, paprika, ground peppercorns, ground sea salt, and coriander.
  2. Place the steaks in the bowl, toss and coat well all over with the marinade. Cover the bowl and allow to sit and marinade for a minimum 6 hours. Better yet is to marinate them overnight and grille them the next day. If you are marinating for more than 6 hours, though, put the bowl in the refrigerator. Every few hours, mix and stir the steaks again in the marinade to ensure even coating and penetration of the seasonings.
  3. When you are ready to cook, heat your grille up to its high setting, if using a gas grille. For charcoal grilles, put in lots of coals and burn them until they are white hot.
  4. Spray the grilling grid with some olive oil cooking spray.
  5. Drain the steaks, and reserve the marinade for basting.
  6. Put the steaks on the grille and seal them for about 3 minutes on each side. Baste each side with a bit more marinade. If you like rare steaks, they are done after just 3 minutes per side. If you want medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done, then lower the heat (on a gas grille) or raise the grilling grid further away from the coals (on a charcoal grille). Cook until desired level of doneness is achieved, basting now and then.
  7. For me, the marinating and basting is all the seasoning I want. If you wish, you can add a little more salt and pepper to the steaks.
  8. You can now serve your Botswana Marinated Beefsteaks, but remove them from the grill and let them “set up” for about 4 to 5 minutes before cutting into them and eating.

    (Photo Attributed to Author: jlastras)

    (Photo Attributed to Author: jlastras)

  9. If you want the real deal, authentic Botswana ethnic meal experience, then remove the steaks from the grille and immediately wrap them up in banana leaves and seal them up tight with twine.
  10. Allow the wrapped steaks to sit for about 15 minutes – their being sealed up tight will retain their heat – then unwrap them and serve. They will have just a hint of banana leaf aroma added to the exquisite olfactory bouquet.

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