Australian Pepperberry Cured Tasmanian Steelhead

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Pepperberry Cured Tasmanian Steelhead is a delightful Australian dish. Steelhead  are from the Pacific Salmon family of Trout. They are especially tasty, and chefs woeldwide will attest to their superior texture and flavor. Another great thing about this recipe is, it is simple to make. The curing takes some time, so you have to wait, but the small effort it takes pays off big time in the end at the dinner or lunch table.

Australian Pepperberry Cured Tasmanian Steelhead

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Australian Pepperberry Cured Tasmanian Steelhead Recipe-

  1. Place the pepperberries, lake salt, and sugar into a spice grinder or mortar and pestle and grind until thoroughly incorporated and fine.
  2. In a mixing bowl, combine the ground mixture with the spirits and rock salt, making a rough paste.
  3. Spread out some plastic clingwrap on a flat working surface. The size of the clingwrap should be large enough to easily wrap the fillet up tight within it.
  4. Spread 1/3 of the curing paste over the centre of it. Make the size of the spread equal to the footprint of your fillet.
  5. Now place the salmon on top of the curing mixture, and spread the remaining cure on top of and all around the fillet.
  6. Fole the edges of the clingwrap up and over the fish, and seal it tightly; add one or two more layers of clingwrap – you want the package to be completely sealed and tight.
  7. Place the wrapped package into a suitably sized container, and the place a plate on top; place something on top of the plate with enough weight to press down on the fillet.
  8. Put the entire curing assembly in the refrigerator, and allow to cure for at least 48 hours – turn the fillet over every 12 hours or so. You will know the steelhead is well cured enough when it feels firm to the touch.
  9. When ready to serve, take the fillet out of the fridge and container, unwrap it, and wipe the bulk of the salt-pepperberry cure off.
  10. You are ready to eat! Serve your Pepperberry Cured Tasmanian Steelhead with an accompaniment of caviar (salmon roe is suggested) on the side. The fish will keep in the fridge for a good three days without spoiling, so leftovers should be saved.

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