German Cuisine

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Ah, German cuisine! The Germans can, and love to cook, and the eats coming out of this small country, steeped in rich, millennium old traditions, have affected culinary offerings the planet over.

German Cuisine

(Photo Attributed to Author: Les Hutchins from Berkeley, California)

Heavy on potatoes, meaty dishes, plenty of veggies, the food is just warming and comforting. And here on this page, you will find links to authentic, traditional German cuisine recipes, with pictures, and easy to follow directions, as well as links to obtain some of the harder to find locally ingredients.

So off you go now, into the tasty world of …

German Cuisine!

Please note: For your convenience, you can click on the recipes listed below and be taken directly to a page with just that one recipe on it, in printer-friendly format.

Here is the list, in alphabetical order:

Abendbrot mit Rettich (German Bread Dinner with Cheese and Radishes)

Bauernfrühstück (Farmer’s Breakfast)

Bierocks (Also called “Runzas” – cabbage and meat stuffed pastries)

Bratwurst mit Saurer Sahnensosse (Bratwurst in Sour Cream Sauce)

Garlic Bread – German Style (toasted crispy with fresh garlic, butter, salt, pepper and herbs)

Goulash (the truly original, authentic and traditional German style goulash!)

Gurkensalat (Cucumber Salad, German style)

Kaffee und Kuchen (Coffee and Cake)

Siemieniatka kanapiø koðë (Hemp-based Soup/Porridge)

Spargal Lachs Salat (Asparagus with Salmon Salad)

Wiener Schnitzel (German Style Breaded Veal Cutlets)

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