Got WILD Game For You!

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This is a short post, announcing a new page here on Ethnic Foods R Us: Wild Game.

This new page is now being filled out with classic North American recipes using wild game meats as the primary ingredient. The following is some of the ethnic cuisine’s background content. To skip right to the page and get the recipes, Click Here.

Many Americans love to hunt. Rifle hunting, as well as bow and arrow seasons, are anticipated and participated in by millions of Americans. And wild game cuisine is, quite naturally, a considerably significant segment of North American cuisine in general.Archery Hunter

The red meats of elk, moose, deer, bear, wild boar, etc., are prevalent in Wild Game cuisine. Small mammals are also hunted for wild game cuisine: rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, possum, beaver, etc.

Wild Pheasant (Photo Attributed to Author: Lukasz Lukasik)

Wild Pheasant (Photo Attributed to Author: Lukasz Lukasik)

And birds, also, with duck, goose, pheasant, partridge and quail among the most popular.

Reptiles, such as rattlesnake and iguana, as well as amphibians, like alligator and crocodile, are considered to be good eats by those who love American wild game cuisine too.

Rattlesnake (Photo Attributed to Author: Bjørn Christian) Tørrissen

Rattlesnake (Photo Attributed to Author: Bjørn Christian) Tørrissen

With the abundance of wild game in North America, and Americans’ love of hunting and eating wild game, it is small wonder that wild game cuisine in America is rich with variety. And it is abundant in delicious meals prepared and enjoyed all across North America.

According to the NRA (National Rifle Association) e-publication, American Hunter, the top 5 most favorite wild game animals hunted for eating are:

Number Five: Whitetail Deer

White Tailed Deer

White Tailed Deer

Number Four: Beaver

American Beaver (Photo Attributed to Author: Steve, from Washington, DC, USA)

American Beaver (Photo Attributed to Author: Steve, from Washington, DC, USA)

Number Three: Mallard Duck

Mallard Ducks (Photo Attributed to Author: Fcb981)

Mallard Ducks (Photo Attributed to Author: Fcb981)

Number Two: Elk

Male American Elk

Male American Elk

Number One: Squirrel

Wild Game Cuisine: Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel (Photo Attributed to Author: Peter Trimming)

So there is a bit of information on just what all comprises some of the more popular animals hunted for their meat. But now let’s get you to the main reason you read through this post – click here to get …

the Wild Game recipes!

Chow, y’all, happy wild game eating. Please leave a comment, I will engage and interact with all who do.

My Best Always, Your Friend,

Marvin D Wilson (The Old Silly)

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5 thoughts on “Got WILD Game For You!

  1. Love me some venison, yum! And I wouldn’t mind trying some of the other wild game meats, too – gonna show hubby the new page and see what he’d like me to whip up!

  2. Tamika, your husband sounds like an excellent hunter, and you being a good cook make you two perfect for each other!

    Glad you like the site, and please do come back often. The new wild game cuisine page is going to have MANY more recipes coming soon.

  3. As my last name implies, I’m a hunter, lol. Stumbled across this post doing a Google search, and WOW, man! I gotta show this site to my wife, she’s an avid ethnic food cook, so she will go nuts with all these recipes.

    Love the wild game recipes I saw so far, and will be back soon, since you say there are lots more coming.

  4. My hubby loves to hunt, and almost always comes home from deer season with at least one buck. And I love to cook the venison which we both love to eat. So those venison pie and venison wellington recipes will help me reduce the capacity load of all the deer meat in our freezer, lol.

    Great site, Marvin, I’m going to be a regular visitor, fosho!

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