Dutch Meatballs

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This Dutch Meatballs (Gehaktballen, in Dutch language) is taken from our new Dutch Cuisine page. For more great recipes from the Netherlands like this one, click here.

Dutch Meatballs

Gehaktballen (Dutch meatballs) are exemplary and outstanding. Great to serve with Hutspot, or by themselves, or with just about any potato, veggie, or pasta dish, Gehaktballen is classic Dutch cuisine at its delicious best.

Dutch Meatballs Recipe-

  1. In a suitably sized mixing bowl, combine the meat with the onion, bread, egg, salt and spices.
  2. Place the mixture in the fridge and let it chill for about half an hour.
  3. Turn your oven on to its lowest, just warm temperature.
  4. Just before you take the meatballs out of the fridge, soak your white bread in just enough milk to saturate. Squeeze the milk out of the bread, then tear and shred the bread into tiny little bits.
  5. Remove the meat mixture from the fridge; work the soggy bread bits into the mixture thoroughly.
  6. Now mold the meat mixture into 5 or 6 equally sized balls.
  7. Heat the butter in a large skillet over medium high flame, and sauté the meatballs until browned. About 15 minutes should do it, keep turning the balls so they are browned well all over.
  8. Remove the browned meatballs with a slotted spoon (leave the meat juices in the skillet) and place them in a baking dish, covered, and kept warm in the oven.
  9. Now add the beef broth into the skillet and adjust the heat to medium. Sprinkle 2 tbsp. of flour into the meat juices, add in some ketjap manis to the mixture, and cook, stirring, until a wonderful, fragrant gravy forms, to serve with the meatballs. Note: if your gravy is not the thickness you desire, just add and stir in more flour. You have to stir thoroughly, so the flour disperses evenly and no lumps are left in your gravy.
  10. Serve your Dutch Meatballs while nice and warm. They go great with just about any potato and vegetable side dishes.

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10 thoughts on “Dutch Meatballs

  1. Mama-mia …. atsa spicy meat-a-balla! LOL…..seriously, love the looks of this recipe, gotta try it for sure.

  2. I happen to be an excellent meatball cooker myself, and always looking for new ideas on how to make them. This one sounds very interesting and tasty.

  3. These sound so yummy, and I am so glad you are adding Dutch recipes … my Grandmum is Dutch, and (God rest her soul) she dies without leaving me her awesome recipes from the Netherlands.

  4. Oh goody! I had been hoping my favorite ethnic foods site would start offering cuisine from the Netherlands – thank you!

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