Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

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The health benefits of ginger tea are many. In fact, they are probably far more than you have imagined. Certainly, just the taste and “comfort” alone of a nice, hot cup of organic ginger tea is reason enough to enjoy a cup or three now and then. However, once you fully understand all the health benefits of ginger tea, you may want to drink it even more often.

This site is, of course, centered around and focused on providing recipes, information, and helpful resources for ethnic foods from cultures the world over. However, we do occasionally pick out some of the especially beneficial ingredients found in various ethnic cuisines and highlight them in a special post. Ginger is one such ingredient. Popular all over the planet, this marvelous root not only provides zing and zip to culinary creations, it is darn good for what ails you, too!

If you have a common cold in the winter? You can’t beat a hot cup of ginger tea for a cure. Ginger root contains extremely high levels of magnesium and other minerals, and the all-important Vitamin C. These qualities are what contribute to the long list of health benefits of ginger tea.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

(Photo Attributed to Author: cyclonebill)

There is a simple, easy to make recipe provided below. The great thing about ginger tea is, once you have the basic tea made, you can have fun with the taste buds experience. You can add lemon, organic honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppermint, etc. to modify and/or enhance the strong taste of the raw ginger.

But before we get into how to make a cup of soothing, healing, and oh-so-good for you tea, here is a list of the many …

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Relieves Stress

(Photo Attributed to Author: Gdudycha)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Gdudycha)

The calming properties of ginger tea are known to aid in lowering tension and the resulting stress. Some people who practice aromatherapy give much of the credit to this quality to ginger tea’s strong and soothing aroma.

Aids in Fighting Respiratory Ailments
Influenza and the common cold can build up congestion in your respiratory system. Also, some people who suffer with allergies can experience respiratory problems. Drinking a cup of ginger tea will provide assistance in the body’s campaign to reduce such afflictions.

Relieves Nausea Due to Motion Sickness
Are you someone who gets motion sickness, during a long automobile trip, or a bus or train ride, perhaps while boating or flying in an airplane? Try taking a cup of ginger tea before traveling – it can help prevent the associated nausea and vomiting due to motion sickness. Also, if you sense motion sickness coming on, you can often quell its full onslaught by drinking a cup at the first signs of the symptoms.

Reduces Inflammation, Muscle and Joint Pain
joint painThe anti-inflammatory properties contained in ginger make it a perfect, natural home remedy for joint and muscle aches and pains due in inflammation. Not only does drinking the tea provide relief, you can actually whip up a large batch and soak your aching, inflamed muscles or joints in a bowl or bucket of it.

Improves Your Stomach’s Performance
Ginger assists the stomach in the digestion process. Drink a cup before, or during, a meal. If you overeat sometime, and/or experience bloating, taking a cup of ginger tea will provide relief.

Relieves Discomfort Due to Menstruation
Ladies! How about a natural and simple home remedy for relief from your monthly pains due to your menstrual cycle? Make up a large batch of ginger tea. Drink a cup, and soak a towel in the rest, while still very warm. Apply the ginger-soaked warm towel to your lower abdomen. Many women have reported that this two-step process often does help to relax the muscles and relieve the pain.

Strengthens The Immune System
Ginger contains high levels of antioxidants. Hence, taking ginger into your system will assist your immune system greatly.

Improves Your Blood Circulation

(Photo Attributed to Author: BodyParts3D/Anatomography)

(Photo Attributed to Author: BodyParts3D/Anatomography)

Poor blood circulation can increase the chances of cardiovascular problems. The amino acids, minerals and vitamins, in ginger tea can assist in restoring and the improvement of blood circulation. Some studies have shown that ginger may prevent fatty deposits collecting in the arteries – thus aiding in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.

Convinced yet? I would hope so. If you don’t have a recipe already for ginger tea, here is a very basic one, which you can use as a starting point. Some people like to keep it simple, others like to jazz it up some. Please always use organic ingredients, though. The health benefits of ginger tea will be compromised if you put chemicals used for commercial farming into it.

Ginger tea recipe


(makes 1 cup)


  1. Bring the water to a lively boil.
  2. Add in the ginger and turmeric; reduce the heat to a gentle simmer and let it cook for about 8-10 minutes.
  3. Now add in the coconut milk and honey, cut the heat off, and stir until well blended.
  4. Place a sieve over the cup you will serve your tea in, and strain the mixture into the cup. Discard the solids.

There you have it – the long list of health benefits of ginger tea, and a good, solid basic recipe for making it.

Before you leave, have you tried ginger tea? If so, what has your experience been with it? Please leave a comment and share what you know about not only the yummy and comforting flavor, but also the health benefits of ginger tea.


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14 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

  1. Great article. Although ginger has many health benefits, consumption of ginger has got some side effects. It can cause heartburn, diarrhea, and general stomach discomfort. It may cause extra menstrual bleeding in some women. Furthermore, it might cause irritation to the skin. Intake of ginger might increase the risk of bleeding. It also interacts with some medications, for example, phenprocoumon, warfarin, anticoagulant or antiplatelet drugs, antidiabetic drugs, and calcium channel blockers.

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    • Thanks for the visit and complimentary comment, Sachin. I went to your site also, and you are doing a fine job there. I really liked your article on ginger health benefits as well!

  3. Oh my goodness, I had no idea! I will for sure start taking ginger tea, thanks so much for this information!

  4. Very interesting and informative article! I learned quite a bit, and will definitely try your ginger tea recipe …. thanks!

  5. I had no idea how good ginger tea was for you. Thanks so much, Old Silly! I have tried, and liked ginger tea before = but I will surely now start drinking it more often.

    Question – does eating ginger in your diet provide the same benefits?

    • Margo, yes – including ginger in your diet will provide the many of the same health benefits. Taking ginger in the form of tea, however, is more likely to directly assist in aiding with the list of bennies in this post.

  6. I LOVE ginger tea! My Grandmum always fixed it for me, so did my Mum, and I make for me and my family today. I always was told (and could sense) it was soothing, calming, and a good drink to take for a cold, but – my goodness I had no idea it had THIS many health benefits! Thanks for this article. 🙂

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