Many Benefits of Almond Milk

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Occasionally I like to post about healthy foods. This article on the many benefits of almond milk is a bit of a departure from our main focus on ethnic foods from cultures the world over. However, our readership has always commented on their appreciation for these types of informative posts, also.

(Photo Attributed to Author: Daniel Schwen)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Daniel Schwen)

Dairy milk is by far the most well known and preferred type of milk in most cultures around the planet. It is known and revered for its high content of several minerals and vitamins, as well as providing some protein. Almond milk, however, tops cow’s milk in lots of ways, including even more protein and extra nutrients not found in dairy milk.

Health benefits of drinking almond milk, which I will get into at length and in detail below, include, but are not limited to: improved vision, weight loss, strong bones and a strong, healthy heart. Further, almond milk is an excellent substitute to nursing mothers’ breast milk. It will also help in building strong muscles, lowering high blood pressure and maintaining ideal blood pressure, and keeping your kidney healthy and functioning at optimum level. There is more … read on …

The Many Benefits of Almond Milk, continued …
Many Benefits of Almond Milk

(Photo Attributed to Author: YVSREDDY)

Milk made from almonds is extremely low in fat – a distinct advantage over dairy milk, which is high in fat. So high, that health conscious people often prefer to buy 2% fat or even skim milk. While low in fat, almond milk is high in proteins, lipids and fiber – providing energy. It is chocked full of vitamins and nutrients: potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus,  zinc, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C, B-6, thiamine,  folate and vitamin E.

Commercially produced almond milk often even has additional nutrients added, which enrich even further the contents providing healthy benefits to your body. And if you don’t like the rather flat, bland taste of plain almond milk? Not to worry. Almond milk purchased from stores comes in a variety of flavors and sweetness. You can get plain unsweetened, plain sweetened, and flavors such as strawberry, banana, vanilla and chocolate, all with sweetened or unsweetened options.

Another important feature among the many benefits of almond milk is its viability as a substitute for people who are allergic to cow’s milk and/or soy milk. Because of its high nutritional content, it is also the best alternative for people who are vegetarians or vegans.

Here is a List of the Many Benefits of Almond Milk for Your Health:

  • Provides Anti-Cancer Properties

Studies have strongly indicated that consuming almond milk can suppress the growth of LNCaP prostate cancer cells. These cancerous cells are actually stimulated by consuming cows’ milk!

  • Bolsters the Immune System

Immune SystemThere are several minerals and nutrients and minerals that assist in maintaining a healthy immune system. Your immune system protects your body from microorganisms and germs which can cause detrimental health issues to your body. A poorly functioning immune system will make you susceptible to not just illnesses, but potentially life-threatening challenges. Almond milk provides many of the nutrients and minerals which will help your body to keep its front line defense good and strong against the onslaught of harmful diseases and negative health situations.

  • Builds Strong Muscle

Weight lifters and body builders have known for generations that what kind of Musclesfood you are feeding your body has a direct impact on the strength and health of your muscles. Especially important are those foods that contain minerals and vitamins which directly impact muscle mass. Almond milk contains riboflavin. Riboflavin is a form of vitamin B that is proven to work in conjunction with other nutrients, like iron, to regulate muscle growth and strength. And let’s not forget all the protein in almond milk. Want to whip up a super protein shake for your next workout? Put that protein powder in the blender and pour in the almond milk!

  • Aids in the Health of Your Kidney

KidneysDairy, and soy-based milks, are high in phosphorous and potassium. Excessive buildup of this is harmful to the kidney organ. Almond milk, by favorable contrast, has extremely small amounts of phosphorous and potassium.

Anyone suffering from acute or chronic kidney conditions would be wise to avoid dairy or soy products and switch to almond milk.

  • Combats High Blood Pressure:

Drinking almond milk will help in reducing and maintaining your blood pressure. The vitamin D, which is plentiful

(Photo Attributed to Author: MMSA)

(Photo Attributed to Author: MMSA)

in almond milk, assists the veins in the body to expand and contract freely. This is imperative, for the ease of movement of blood to and from different parts of the body. It is well known that poor blood circulation and vein blockage results in high blood pressure – and can lead to medical conditions that are life-threatening.

  • Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy and Strong
(Photo Attributed to Author: BodyParts3D/Anatomography)

(Photo Attributed to Author: BodyParts3D/Anatomography)

Of all the many benefits of almond milk, this one is right at the top of the list. Almond milk contains absolutely zero cholesterol. This makes it a powerful assistant to keeping a strong and healthy heart. Not only is almond milk good for your heart, munching on some almonds everyday for a snack is beneficial, too. It will reduce the chances of contracting coronary heart disease.

A high level of cholesterol is the cause of many heart and other cardiovascular ailments. While almond milk is not excessively high in potassium, favorably unlike cow and soy milk, it does contain just enough to act as an essential element that acts as a vasodilator, which lowers body tension and reduces undue strain and stress on your heart.


  • Helps Keep Your Skin Healthy

Healthy skin requires certain antioxidants and vitamins. Almond milk provides them. Vitamin E is plentiful in

(Photo Attributed to Author: peter klashorst)

(Photo Attributed to Author: peter klashorst)

almond milk, and vitamin E is well known for its beneficial affect on skin health. The antioxidants in almond milk assists in the repairing of damaged skin, and also it regulates the vitamin A in the body.

In fact, you can use almond milk as a skin cleansing lotion. A simple recipe is to add about 2 tablespoons of rosewater to a pint of almond milk, stir it together well, and rub it all over your body. Soothing, relaxing, and so good for your skin!

  • Improved Vision:
(Photo Attributed to Author: Biswarup Ganguly)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Biswarup Ganguly)

Vitamin A is essential for the eyes to function well. Almond milk is rich in vitamin A. In our modern world of electronic devices, staring at laptop and computer screens, smartphones, iPads, etc., our eyes are taking an historically unprecedented beating that is detrimental to our vision.

The adverse effect of stress on the eyes can be treated by simply increasing your intake of vitamin A. And, of course, you can get this extra punch of vitamin A by drinking some almond milk daily.

  • Builds Strong Bones

Calcium is essential for forming and maintaining healthy bones and teeth.  Calcium is also required for relaxing muscles, blood clotting, and maintaining a regular heart beat. Drinking some almond milk regularly in your diet will supply this necessary calcium to your body. It is not only good for adults, but for growing children and infants it is an absolute need.

For aging people, who may be at risk of developing osteoporosis, the calcium in almond milk can help minimize that risk. Just one 8 oz. glass of almond milk contains 30% of the daily requirement of calcium. This calcium works in concert with other vitamins, like the D vitamin, to ensure your bones grow old with strength.

(Photo Attributed to Author: Anton Nossik)

(Photo Attributed to Author: Anton Nossik)

  • A Good Substitute for Breast Milk

Almond milk is much closer to containing the nutrients, vitamins and minerals found in a mother’s breast milk than dairy milk. The high levels of vitamin C and D, as well as iron, all very important for the well being and growth of infants, make it the perfect alternative. Babies need protein too – and almond milk provides it with the same proportion as the milk coming from Mommy’s breasts. For mothers who either prefer not to breast feed, or for those who have difficulty breastfeeding, almond milk is just right for you and the darling little bundle of joy.

Convinced yet, of the many benefits of almond milk? I am. I went fromMilk Pitcher cow’s milk to soy milk many years ago, which I still feel was a wise decision overall for my health. But just a few years back I read some articles similar to this one, and made the switch to almond milk. My favorite is unsweetened vanilla flavored, but there are lots of flavors to choose from.

Go ahead – pour yourself a glass, and enjoy the many benefits of almond milk!

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  1. Wow, I had no idea! I never really liked cow milk, stopped drinking it ages ago. Thanks for this article, I think I will try some almond milk.

  2. Never tried the stuff, but this article is quite thorough and convincing. Thanks, I think I will pick some up, if I like the flavor, I’ll start drinking it.

  3. I’ve often seen almond milk on the shelves at the store, but never tried it. This very informative post has convinced me to give it a try. Thanks!

  4. My hubby and I and all our kids love almond milk. But I had no idea it was this great for us, wow! Thanks for this post, Marvin, I’m going to switch our family milk diet to almond milk exclusively!

  5. Sold! I don’t much like dairy milk anyway, but I do like some milky liquid on my cereal and in my cooking. Almond milk, eh? Cool – thanks so much for this!

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