Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods

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Did you know that if you do a Google search for “Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods”, you will, less than a second, get about 2,000,000 results?

Yep. Two million results, in less than one second!
Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods

Filipino Cuisine

Clearly there is a very large number of people, from all over the world, who are interested in, and searching for, authentic traditional ethnic foods. And that is why this site was started, exactly one year ago.

You will also note, if you click on the link to the above Google search, that you will find this site, Ethnic Foods R Us, listed on Page 1.

We are very pleased and proud to be, in just one short year of service to readers worldwide, ranked among the very best at providing what we do to those who are looking for it.

And … this post just happens to be … (drum roll, please ….)

Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods

Our 100th post, here on Ethnic Foods R Us!


So I thought it befitting to celebrate the first anniversary and 100th post with an article titled by none other than what this site was created for, in answer to what millions and millions of people are searching for year round, 24/7. And that is:

Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods!

Please take your time, and peruse the 600+ pages here, with thousands of authentic traditional ethnic foods recipes, from hundreds of cultures, representing every continent and almost all regions on the planet. In addition, you will find useful information on fine cutlery, fine cookwares, and unusual cooking tools and implements unique to certain ethnic cuisine cultures.

We also provide you with resources to obtain many of those “hard to find” ingredients that are often essential in producing authentic traditional ethnic foods according to their original recipes. Ingredients listed in the recipes that are hyperlinked will take you directly to our online foods store. And you can also obtain cutlery, cookwares, and unique-to-certain-cultures cooking tools and implements in the same way.

So that wraps up this short, celebratory post, folks. I hope you will leave a comment, all people who comment will be responded to. Have you tried some of the recipes here? What was your experience? Are there any cultures or specific recipes that you would like to see us publish? Suggestions, reactions, experiences, questions … it’s all good here at Ethnic Foods R Us.

CakeChow, Y’all, have a piece of Anniversary Cake, oh – and if you’d like to try some real All-American authentic traditional ethnic foods desserts, go to this page for a whole bunch of sweet tooth satisfiers!

My Best Always, Your Friend,

Marvin D Wilson (AKA “The Old Silly”)

A Wealthy Affiliate Member

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16 thoughts on “Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods

  1. Wow. What an impressive, extensive site. I love the color photos and the recipes in particular.You have so much to offer and I can see that you can continue t add to the site for just about forever. I was wondering if you were planning to make some suggestions of pairings of beer/wine/soft drinks with appropriate recipes, or at least to add a section of the most popular wine grapes and types of foods that they pair with. I would find that very useful. You seem to have most else covered.

    Best regards,


    • Gary, thanks so much for the visit and kind words. We DO have a page (and several sub-pages) of “Fine Spirits” which has a large offering of whiskeys, sakes, wines, all the adult beverages. We don’t have a page devoted to just “pairings” between dishes and drinks, but many of the recipes do come with a recommended wine as accompaniment, and sometimes as an ingredient.

  2. You got that picture of Filipino food, I recognized it quickly when I saw the picture of the roasted pork, since I’m from the Philippines originally (I don’t eat pork anymore though). Can’t wait to see if you have any Indonesian recipes, I’d be damned if I could find a good Indonesian food recipe online (the majority online are just so vague and non-helpful).

    • Lakan, we have a page started for Indonesian cuisine. It is parented by Asian Cuisine, which technically Indonesia is a part of Asia. There are just 3 recipes up so far, but they are authentic and traditional and deliciious. More to come soon!

  3. Marvin, congrats! I see you already have quite of a following here. I wish you more success! Now, I’m going to check out some of your postings. I know I’ll gain more weight just by looking. Sigh.

  4. This is by far my favorite go-to site for getting not only great ethnic recipes from all kinds of cultures, but also information on cooking techniques, cookwares, cutlery, and resources to obtain the ingredients and tools needed.

    Kudos on one year of service, and please keep it up – you are much appreciated by many for the service you provide.

  5. A very heart warming congratulations on all the milestones that you have reached!
    Big fan of the South African recipes, I’m a South African living abroad. I always try to cook myself something familiar when I get home sick.
    Thanks for all the hard work and making our lives so much more tasteful.

  6. Hey Marvin,

    I just stumbled upon your global kitchen and it’s quite the treasure trove 😉

    And it’s also for the 100th birthday post, so congratulations! 😉

    Btw, my tastebuds are commanding me to tell you about a very german (I’m from Germany), very under the radar yet extremely tasty dish!
    It is very, very simple yet so tasty so the effort-pleasuer-ratios are off the charts! 😉

    The German Version of Garlic Bread:

    – Slice of bread
    – toast it very crispy
    – take one clove of garlic and grind it on the bread until the slice is satiated

    that alone is already good but you can add:

    – butter on the still warm slice of bread (from toasting)
    – salt and pepper

    That’s it and it is extremely delicious! TRY IT NOW! (sorry for going german on you ;-P)

    just kidding, but I hope it helps and I am happy to spread the word.

    Best wishes,


    • Philip, thanks for the comment and kind words, and I will definitely try out your suggested German bread treat. And when you come back in a few days, you may just see “German Garlic Bread” recipe in our German Cuisine page!

  7. Happy Anniversary Old Silly! I found this site more than 6 months ago, bookmarked it, and come here often. Being a lover of ethnic foods and trying new and different dishes, there just aren’t many sites that do it as well as Ethnic Foods R Us … kudos, and keep on keepin’ on!

    Oh, as far as suggestions? I would like to see more recipes from the Caribbean Islands. You already have some, much appreciated, but even more islands/countries represented and more dishes, please?

    • Margo, I see you here, commenting regularly, and you are very much appreciated! And you can count on it, there will be more coming soon to the Caribbean Islands page and sub-pages, okay? 🙂

  8. Well I just “google-stumbled” across this fine site yesterday, searching for things like “authentic ethnic recipes” and “classic African dishes” and “How to make miso paste at home” … this site kept showing up, sometimes on page one, but almost always within the first 2 or 3 pages.

    So I just hadda come check you out – awesome site, jam-packed with great recipes, resources, and information. All this in one year? Keep it up, Marvin, you’re on a great roll!

    • Glad to have you as a new and satisfied reader, Hans! Thanks for the kind and endorsing words, and come back often – we are always adding new information, recipes, and resources for your adventure into the world of authentic traditional ethnic foods.

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