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Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods

Did you know that if you do a Google search for “Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods”, you will, less than a second, get about 2,000,000 results?

Yep. Two million results, in less than one second!
Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods

Filipino Cuisine

Clearly there is a very large number of people, from all over the world, who are interested in, and searching for, authentic traditional ethnic foods. And that is why this site was started, exactly one year ago.

You will also note, if you click on the link to the above Google search, that you will find this site, Ethnic Foods R Us, listed on Page 1.

We are very pleased and proud to be, in just one short year of service to readers worldwide, ranked among the very best at providing what we do to those who are looking for it.

And … this post just happens to be … (drum roll, please ….)

Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods

Our 100th post, here on Ethnic Foods R Us!


So I thought it befitting to celebrate the first anniversary and 100th post with an article titled by none other than what this site was created for, in answer to what millions and millions of people are searching for year round, 24/7. And that is:

Authentic Traditional Ethnic Foods!

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Bamboo Steamers Bring It!

One of my favorite ethnic foods is the cuisine of China. The Chinese steam many of their foods, and this post is all about using the amazing and easy to cook great with …

Bamboo Steamers

Bamboo Steamers

Bamboo Steamer

Because they use no oils or fats to cook with, Bamboo Steamers are a very healthy way to prepare foods. A process that is much gentler than boiling helps to preserve beneficial vitamins and minerals. Additionally, Bamboo steamers allow the foods to retain their color, texture, shape and flavor better than any other method of cooking.

Cooks in China have, for centuries, relied on bamboo steamers. Chinese cuisine calls for cooking methods which will prevent condensation from dripping on the food and absorb excess moisture. The steamers, constructed of a circular bamboo frame, feature a bottom that is slatted bamboo—this allows steam to move freely throughout the cooking chamber. And the lid, a bamboo dome, promotes good heat circulation.

Bamboo Steamer in Wok 3Because Chinese cooks use the wok to cook in so often, bamboo steamers were (and still are) designed for a snug fit inside the various sized woks, held up against the circular sides of the wok and above the steaming water. And, because they can be stacked two and even three baskets high, it becomes possible to steam an entire meal at once: fish, vegetables and meat, all steaming in one wok. The key in doing this is to place foods that take longer to cook in the bottom basket, and have the upper baskets containing foods that take less time to cook.

Traditionally, the baskets are lined on the bottom with leafy veggies, like cabbage or lettuce. Maybe even banana Bamboo Steamer Linedleaves, depending on the food being cooked. But you can also use parchment paper, or even a plate—the main thing is to keep the cooking food separated a bit from the bamboo. This keeps the food from sticking, and also preserves the integrity of the bamboo. It also prevents the bamboo from absorbing the cooking food’s flavors, which is desirable. You don’t want your steaming tomatoes to come out tasting of fish, and visa versa.

Here are three easy steps to follow for effective use of a bamboo steamer in a wok:

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Announcing a New Affiliation

Hello and welcome to Ethnic Foods R Us-

Our efforts, to provide our readers with great ethnic recipes from around the world, with information and resources to help you be knowledgeable about the many different cultures, are ever continuous. We strive to provide valuable information about all the food cultures around, world wide, for your ethnic foods adventures to be the very best.

Consider Ethnic Foods R Us as your center of the “Food Cultures World”, where you can travel the planet and visit the peoples of faraway cultures, learning the foods they eat, what they like to drink, any specialty cookwares needed to prepare the recipes, as well as resources to obtain any and all ingredients and items needed.

It is in this spirit of service to our readers that we are always looking for new and more affiliations with companies that provide any of the above, so that we can present them here, your one-stop-only-needed site for outstanding ethnic food adventures. And we are happy and proud to announce our latest and new affiliation with an online proprietor of rare and exotic, small batch collections of fine wines and spirits from the Americas, Europe, and Asia …

De Wine Spot


Up until now, the page, Good Spirits, has been rather limited in its offerings. We just hadn’t yet found a company that provided the level of variety and excellence we were looking for, and one that had a good affiliation program.

That is now changing, in a big way, for the far better.

Stop by “Good Spirits” and check it out, and please come back again in a day or two. You will not only see that page growing by leaps and bounds in product offerings, but with informational and educational content as well.

That’s about it for this post, just wanted to make you aware of our new affiliation and what it will mean to you, our valued and highly regarded readers.

And please, if you have a comment, by all means leave it. Any suggestions for inclusions in the Good Spirits page, or for any of the many other pages here, be it a recipe you’d like, a specific ethnic foods culture you would like to know more about, whatever – The Old Silly is here every day, and loves to engage with and respond to our readers.

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New and Improved Information For You!

Thank you for stopping in. This is just a short post, a notice, really, to let our readers know that the page, “Fine Cookware” has been recently revamped and loaded up with tons of valuable and useful information.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen cookwares, and need to bone up on the various types offered, what are the pros and cons of each type of cookware, how to care and maintain them, etc., on that page you will find everything you need to know in order to make and informed decision and get the absolute best value for your budget.


So take a lookgo now to Fine Cookware.

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