Afghani Cuisine Recipes

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Just a short post today, to announce a new page started here on Ethnic Foods R Us-

Afghani Cuisine Recipes!

Afghan Cuisine

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Yes, if you are an ethnic food lover of all things Asian, this South and Central Asian country has some wonderful culinary treats to offer. And we are offering them for you now, on our Afghani Cuisine Recipes page.

If you are invited into a traditional Afghanistan home for dinner, you will be treated to the eating ritual of “Dastarkhan” – which is the name for how, in traditional Afghan Cuisine, a dinner meal is served. Here’s how it is done …

Afghani Cuisine Recipes

Dastarkhan – the formal and traditional Afghani meal

Of great value to Afghanis, in their cultural expression, is the quality of their floor carpet (rug). And no matter rich or poor, providing a pleasing dastarkhan is of importance to every family. This is especially the case when hosting guests.

Everyone sits cross-legged on the floor, on the perimeter of a very large attractive cloth laid over the home’s carpet rug. A young member of the family will usually present the “aftabah wa lagan” – this is a magnificently crafted copper basin holding an ornate copper pot that is filled with fresh, clean water.

In accordance with the tenets of traditional Islam, you eat with your hands. And in strict Muslim tradition, you only handle the food with your right hand, as the left hand is considered “unclean”.

Cleanliness, then, at the dastarkhan is very important. The young person attend to each guest first, then to the rest of the family, pouring fresh water over their hands. You are provided soap, and, when your hands are cleansed, you are provided with a cloth to dry them.

When all hands are clean, the dastarkhan is formally ready to start. Out will come warm, fresh baked breads and various accompaniments, appetizers, relishes, rice, salads, fruits, and main entrees. Fastidious care is given to the arrangement of how the foods are laid out on the cloth. The host’s main concern is that the guests have the easiest access to all the different entrees.

Ready to indulge? Good. Hop on over to Afghani Cuisine Recipes, and start enjoying the culinary wizardry that the cooks of Afghanistan have created. A culture that has existed for over two thousand years has lots to offer, trust me!

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8 thoughts on “Afghani Cuisine Recipes

  1. Very interesting culture and cuisine. Too much trouble in Afghanistan these days for my tastes, as far as ever planning a tourist trip there. I’d be afraid of getting beheaded, lol.

    But having this site, where I can come and try the delicious sounding eats of the Afghani people is way cool – much appreciated!

    • Yeah, Zane, I would be somewhat timid about just traveling to Afghanistan, at least without some kind of safeguard itinerary and trusted people to guide me. Of course we only know what we hear and see in the media. I wish someone(s) native Afghanis, would comment, let us know what the real situation is over there these days.

      But meanwhile, for sure help yourself to the cuisine … just goes to show you, that people of ALL faiths, cultures, beliefs, races, etc., still love a good meal just as much as anywhere else in the world, huh?

      • Now on THAT I will agree, Marv … in fact, I bet there would be much less warring and aggressiveness between varying cultures, religions, and nations if we had a global exchange program for inviting people from another land to your home for dinner and then traveling to their home to eat what they eat with them.

        Just imagaine …

  2. Being a pork lover and someone who likes to take a drink or two now and then with my meal, I couldn’t live in an Islamic state like Afghanistan. But I do respect their culture and the “dastarkhan” sounds like something that would be a great experience to have.

    Certainly will check out the page and the recipes, though … I haven’t ever run across an Asian form of cuisine I didn’t like.

  3. Oh goody goody! I love all kinds of Asian foods, and haven’t really tried Afghani cuisine yet. I’ll hop right over there, thanks Old Silly!

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