Peel Your Garlic the Easy Way

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Peel Your Garlic the Easy Way

(Photo Attributed to Author: Donovan Govan)

Peel your garlic the easy way, in just a matter of seconds.

Sound good? I know it did to me, when I came across this method. And I liked it so much I thought it worthy of sharing here on Ethnic Foods R Us.

Almost every ethnic culture’s cuisine, worldwide, uses garlic.

Fresh garlic.

It provides a sharp, pungent accent to foods that no other herb can. The passionate flavor and tang of fresh garlic is indispensable for many ethnic dishes.

Problem is, peeling the darn cloves can be a frustrating and messy job. You wind up with garlic under your fingernails, your hands smelling of garlic so strong you have to wash vigorously with soap and water to get rid of the odor.

Well no more. This wonderfully simple and fast method of peeling garlic is the answer for how to peel your garlic the easy way. Here are the steps, which can be done in a matter of a few seconds-

  1. Place the whole bulb of garlic on a flat surface, bottom side up (as shown in the image above) and smack it hard with your open palm. The bulb will shatter into all of the individual cloves.
  2. Place the cloves in a bowl (use a bowl that you have two of, of equal size and shape).
  3. Cover the bowl with the other bowl and hold them together firmly.
  4. Lift the two bowls up together and shake the cloves inside vigorously (as hard as you can!) for about 10 seconds.
  5. Set the bowls down, remove the top bowl, and BINGO! Simply pick out the perfectly peeled, whole cloves of garlic.

Here is a good video that gives you a visual on this clever little kitchen hack …

And that, my friends, is how you can …

Peel Your Garlic the Easy Way.

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10 thoughts on “Peel Your Garlic the Easy Way

  1. Finally! I have been buying already peeled garlic at the grocery store, cuz I hate peeling the darn things, lol. This? I can DO this!

  2. Interesting, and certainly worth trying. Glad you included the video, I am a visual learner and the written steps still didn’t “click” with me, lol.

  3. I had heard about something like this, but that first step – smacking the bulb to separate the cloves – wasn’t part of it. That makes more sense to me now. Pretty cool, I will definitely try this.

  4. I’ve always smacked each clove with the broad side of a wide knife, and then the clove peels easily. But this is a real time saver if you want to peel a bunch of garlic at once. Nice tip, much appreciated!

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