Spanish cheese stuffed caperberries

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Cheese Stuffed Caperberries (Queso Relleno de Alcaparrones) is a national favorite snack or side dish of the Spanish. In Spain, often a lunch meal is composed of several “tapas” – fun and tasty finger foods. This one, cheese stuffed caperberries, is a snap to prepare. The flavor is outstanding, compared to the small effort it takes to prepare.

cheese stuffed caperberries

Caperberries (Photo Attributed to Author: Xufanc)

Cheese Stuffed Caperberries Recipe-

  1. Using a very sharp, thin blade knife, carefully slit open each caperberry, starting at the base of the stem, and opening around the circumference until the caperberry can be spread wide open. Be sure to leave the stem intact—this will be the tapa treat’s handle.
  2. Using a very small spoon, carefully remove all the ribs and seeds.
  3. Make tiny balls of the Mahón cheese, formed just the right size to fill the berry’s cavity, insert, then fold the two sided up gently until the caperberry flesh is fit and held in place by the cheese.
  4. Sprinkle each caperberry with a little vinegar, season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve your cheese stuffed caperberries with a big smile on your face.

Note: This recipe is just one of many, taken from our Spanish Cuisine pages.


3 thoughts on “Spanish cheese stuffed caperberries

  1. I’ve never tried caperberries, but they look like really big capers – is that about right? If so, I’d love to try this little snacky treat. The cheese and sherry seem to me to be a great addition to the salty, slightly pungent taste of capers.

    • Margo, you are exactly right. Caperberries are closely related to capers, but much larger, and, like capers, they are cured in brine for that salty, pungent taste. Go ahead and try this dish out, and please come back and let us know how you liked it, okay?

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