Andorran Bacalao Escaixada

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Andorran Bacalao Escaixada is a classic and national favorite dish in Andorra. It is also delightfully simple to make. The “Bacalao” is the key ingredient – basically dried, salted cod fish. But when rehydrated and seasoned in this method, Andorran Bacalao Escaixada is a most enjoyable and memorable meal.

Andorran Bacalao Escaixada

(Photo attributed to author: Javier Lastras)

Andorran Bacalao Escaixada Recipe-

  1. Put the salt cod in a large bowl of cold water and soak it, refrigerated, for 3 days.
  2. After 3 days, change the water and soak for another 24 hours – change the water every 8 hours during this time.
  3. Drain the fish and, using your fingers, flake the flesh apart it into a new, clean bowl.
  4. Cover the flaked fish meat with the remaining ingredients, then stir and toss to combine thoroughly.
  5. Now allow the mixture to marinate at room temperature for at least a half an hour – a full hour is even better.
  6. Season to taste, with salt and white pepper.
  7. Serve your Andorran Bacalao Escaixada cold, or at a cool room temperature.

Note: This recipe is taken from our Smallest Countries Worldwide Cuisines pages.

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  1. Looks and sounds scrumptious, Marv! I hadn’t seen your “Smallest Countries” section before, I will have to check those out!

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